Seminar Part 21 Subpart G


Introduction to European aviation laws and differentiation between the approved design or production organisations, while focusing on the production organisation.

  • product safety
  • liability
  • differentiation from other regulations
  • regulation (EG) 216/2008 („Basic Regulation“)
  • regulation (EU) 748/2012, Appendix , I, Part 21 (design and production organisations)
  • regulation (EU) 1321/2014, Appendix II, Part 145 (maintenance organisations) and Part M (CAMO)
  • AMC/GM
  • DO-PO-Arrangement
  • PO-PO-Arrangement (quality assurance agreement)

Part 21, Part A – Technical Requirements

  • Part 21, Subpart A – General Requirements
  • Part 21, Subpart G – Production Organisation Approval (POA)
  • Part 21, Subpart K – Parts & Appliance
  • Part 21, Subpart Q – Identification of Products, Parts & Appliances
  • Part 21, Subpart P – Permit to Fly Procedures (incl. Flight Condition EASA Form 18 and Permit to Fly EASA Form 20)
  • Release Certificate EASA Form 1 (NEW and PROTOTYP)
  • Aircraft Statement of Conformity EASA Form 52
  • Certificate of Release to Service EASA Form 53
The slogan of the training

“Complicated contents easily explained.”

Training material

Participants will receive printed training material. The material contains all important contents including AMC/GM, regulations, industry standards and best practices.


None. Experience with quality assurance systems according EN 9100 and ISO 9100 or production organisations is helpful.

General Information

Duration: two days
Thu. 09.11. 2017   9:00 – 16:30
Fri. 10.11.2017       9:00 – 15:30
Location: TGS Berlin Treptow-Köpenick
Fees: 850,00 € (excl. VAT)
Participants: 7-10
Language: German (English possible on request)

Our trainings will be conducted by experienced trainers. The experience of the participants will be integrated into the training to enable the best learning experience. We will also give valuable hints on how to fulfill the requirements at best.

The seminars can be adapted to the production organisation handbook, procedures and internal standards of your company.
An extention of the seminar to three or four days is also possible. The content and feasibility must be discussed in advance.

For individual trainings please see our training page.


Please send an e-mail containing company name and number of participants to @


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