APUS Aeronautical Engineering GmbH

Aviation Engineering

Aviation Engineering is our main business domain and includes the following services and software, respectively licenses:

  • flight mechanics
  • aerodynamic optimization
  • performance calculation
  • modelling, drawings, partlists
  • SIEMENS NX 9 – 11
Structural Calculation & Load Assumptions
  • analytical dimensioning
  • FE-Simulations (NX Advanced Simulation, ANSYS, ABACUS)
  • MathCAD, Excel
  • STC process
  • minor / major changes
  • extensive experiences in certification acc. to EASA (CS22 & CS23)
  • aircraft flight manuals
  • maintenance manuals
  • illustrated parts catalogue
  • structural repair manuals

We predominantly consider ourselves as subcontractor of aircraft manufacturers and aviation service providers. In case a client would like to develop an element, APUS assumes the processing of the order which comprises the generation of the requirements specifications, the design, the certification, the construction of prototypes and the series production launch.
Of course, the client can decide to which extent he actively participates in the development.

Department Head:

Phillip Scheffel
Jan Eichhorn (Deputy)

The Design Department is EASA certified as
DOA EASA.21J.638.

engineering is APUS' main business domain

Aeronautical Products & Utility Services